Cloudflare pages: Unnecessary stuff inside build environment when using a preset

Hi all,

I’m using Cloudflare Pages, to deploy a website that is still in a dev stage, using Nuxtjs,
and I have selected Nuxtjs Preset, leaving Build configurations setting as is.

Imagine my surprise when everything has been build, the Build Log mention stuff like:
PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, Golang, Hugo Static Site Generator (WTF, I did select Nuxtjs)…

Do we need all of that stuff? Especially when I have selected Nuxtjs Preset.

I mean, might as well throw Prolog, Algol, Cobol & Assembly, just in case someone out there
needs that stuff.

The build process itself doesn’t really take that much time, considering everything in the
observable universe is crammed inside the build environment.

The aforementioned static website only have bootstrap-vue, 2 page with 1 table each,
and 2 empty page, it’s taking 2 minutes and change to run nuxt generate.

This kind of stuff can’t be good in the long run for cloudflare, and for me.

Preset specific envs and generally speeding up builds is something the team is working on. There’s no known ETA for when this will be implemented but definitely keep an eye on the Discord server!

I see…

Eh, it works for me, for now anyways…

Would’ve been nice not having to go to page three of google for this though, haha

Thx for the reply.

P.S.: I ain’t joining yet another group chat / whatcamacalit… don’t have the capacity

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