Cloudflare pages: Support for Git Large File Storage


Recently I tried to migrate my personal website from Netlify to Cloudflare Pages. Sadly, it failed with:

Failed: an internal error occurred

I suspect (also based on other inputs on Discord) this is caused by the usage of git large file storage. I use it to keep images and photos in the repository to reduce the number of services necessary for the website to work. Someone in discord suggested for example having the images in s3 and adding worker on top of that to host the images. I am considering doing so as I would love to have the website hosted on Cloudlare but in the meantime:

  • Could you confirm that the root cause of the issue indeed is the usage of git LFS? If so, is this worty being listed in the “Known issues” for Cloudflare Pages?
  • Are there any plans to support git LFS in the future?
  • Or, what would be the recommended way to host images and larger files alongside static website on Cloudflare pages?

Best regads!

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I was able to find one occurrence of someone who had issues with LFS not working, but seems like he did not get a internal error occurred during his attempts, the LFS files just simply didn’t get used.

They are planning to support LFS in the future, but it seems like there’s no known ETA at the moment.

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Seems like my Discord chat search skills are lacking, thank you very much!
Anyway, my repo fails in Cloning git repository stage:

The repository is open source if anyone else would like to try/take a look: GitHub - matoous/dzxcodes

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 7.50.53

Sorry for re-opening the conversation, just to confirm: the current issue and the cause of the Failed: an internal error occurred is the missing support for LFS?

For future reference:

The issue in my case was that I had the git-lfs configured to use Netlify URL, thus the images were stored at Netlify and weren’t available without authorization and cloudflare couldn’t download them. :man_facepalming:

Everything is running smoothly now.