Cloudflare Pages SSL Issue


i’m trying the Cloudflare Pages with a simple React App.
The deployment went ok, and a link was generated so i can access the app on CFPages.

The issue i’m having is a SSL/TLS error

Can someone help me fix this issue ?


Hey, it seems SSL cert provisioning broke during the API outage. If you’re having this on a domain, you will need to recreate the project (you may need to do this under a slightly different name). If it’s just on your custom domain then remove it and re-add it.

I’m talking to the team about this because it is not ideal


i’ve removed and created the project with different name and its ok


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An update:

make a new deployment and issue happen again


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Hi, we’re having the same troubles using cloudflare’s domain.

The main domain and our custom domain are working well. When we are developing in branches and using the sub domains like - they aren’t working with the same SSL error as mentioned above. This is happening since last week.