[Cloudflare Pages] Some feedback related to GitLab integration

Hello community :wave: ,

I have been using Netlify for years, and when I tried Cloudflare Pages, I found some pain points that I never or rarely encounter in Netlify. I will list them in no particular order:

  • In Netlify I can use one repository and launch several websites with it. In CF Pages, I could not. For each client, I would need to fork the repository.

  • Using GItHub the repositories structure is flat, we got an organization or an account then a repository. This is not the case in GitLab, as we can have more nested levels. Netlify supports that, I can see all projects at whatever level they are. In CF Pages, I only see the ones that are not nested (like org/repo, but not org/project/repo). Which leads me back to forking the repositories in a nested level to one with a flat structure.

  • Deployment in Netlify have better UX, if I have a project with paused deployments then push something and want to enable the deployment to reflect that change, then it is possible in Netlify. However, in CF Pages I could not find a way to do it easily. I hack it using the webhook to trigger a deployment with latest changes.

I am new to this community, let me know if it is the correct section or not. And, also if I should split the 3 points into separate topics or not.


Hi @ibrahimbeladi,

Good feedback, Iā€™m sure the team will want to see it. Unfortunately they are not very active on this community so you will probably receive more attention if you discuss it in the Cloudflare Developers Discord.