Cloudflare Pages Soft Links

Soft links (symbolic links) in the GitHub repo for my Cloudflare Page return a 404.

Redirects don’t work with my custom domain, and don’t exhibit the desired behavior anyway as they change the URL path.

Any possible solutions or workarounds for this would be much appreciated!


Yeah symlinks being a 404 is to be expected. Redirects should work fine though, what isn’t working?
As for them changing the path, well yes, it’s a redirect not a rewrite. This is just a standard redirect.

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Thanks for the quick reply Walshy.

I was using symlinks with GitHub Pages before and am trying to recreate the behavior in Cloudflare Pages. The redirect isn’t a dealbreaker though.

The issue I was having with them is that they didn’t seem to be working with my custom domain. It turns out that I was just trying to access them as a file with and as a directory with my custom domain. Updating my _redirects file for both cases has fixed this.

Cheers for the help.

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