Cloudflare Pages site with custom domain giving 404 errors

I have set up a new domain name and am hosting a small single page static site using and I’m currently able to view the site through both the custom domain and the domains from every browser and device I have access to.

My issue is that several people I asked to check the site from around the US and Europe are getting a 404 error and the site won’t load. The index.html page is named correctly, it serves properly when the root domain is used for me and for most people I’ve asked to test it but there’s enough people getting the 404 error that I’m wondering if this is a configuration issue, if the Pages hosting has region issues or possibly an issue related to VPNs or something similar. I’ve purged the cache and things work from my PoV and as I’m new to this platform I’m scratching my head what to do next.

Any suggestions on where to start to isolate and resolve the issue would be greatly appreciated.


Another thing of note, if I try to use any tools to render either the domain or the domain I don’t get a 404 but I do get an empty response. This may be due to an access restriction cloudflare has set up for bots or it may be related but it may be useful in determining the problem.

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Can you share the custom domain?

I would be curious too the exact error your visitors are getting. Chrome has a custom 404 page but Firefox is just blank. Without it, this kind of sounds like it could be a DNS issue of sorts.

None of that should really apply. Cache wouldn’t include html by default. I would be curious though if the worked for them if the root domain doesn’t.

The custom URL is The pages dev site is Neither options work for the folks who can’t get it to load.