Cloudflare Pages - Site not resolving - DNS Issues

I’m having trouble settings up Cloudflare Pages. I have my cloudflare linked to my github, and there is an automatic deployment when I push. It triggers a build and it is successful, but then when I navigate to the link provided in the build, it does not resolve to the site.

Navigating to I just get “No webpage was found for the web address:

How do I fix this?

Additionally I would like to navigate there via “”. In my DNS settings in cloudflare it says the following:

However, I understand what is needed here. I don’t have an external webserver to point to, since I’m using Cloudflare Pages to host. resolves to an Error 1016 Origin DNS Error.

I’m using Cloudflare Pages because this was supposed to be an easy set up, just linking the github and changing my nameservers to Cloudflare’s.

Was not expecting to run into DNS issues, which I know little about.

Thank you

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