Cloudflare Pages site hosting display file

Hi all,
Great community - a big thank you to all those that made it possible,
I am new to CF, so far I am impressed by what is on offer but here I am having some ‘teething problems’.

I setup a simple one page website on the Pages, I have a txt file in the root of the site that I would like to show upon request, so far I am getting I am getting a 522:
(this window won’t allow me to include the links)
I have setup a redirect rule - that did not help either,

any thoughts please?

Is that the only file? Or are you linking to it from another page?

You can put links in as Preformatted text

oh I see - thank you: gives out 522 error

I think it is something to do with my web app [Flutter] because when I put the entire link in the browsers add bar it works ok?

No, I think it’s rather to do with your DNS setup.

The URL without the www prefix works. But it doesn’t work with the www prefix.

Check your DNS to be sure both your root domain and www subdomain are pointed to your app. Ideally, you want to forward one to the other (eg all URLs => equivalent URLs or vice versa) and not have duplicate URLs for all pages.



George - you are the man! thanks mate,
I will give that a try.