Cloudflare Pages server response time

I know I should not expect much from a free beta feature. Yet, I notice lighthouse and varies benchmark tools start complaining about slow server response time once I migrate from GitHub Pages to Cloudflare Pages.

I hope this could be improved in the future since the auto-deployment feature is awesome and the set up is extremely easy.

That is unfortunately a known bug with Pages and Cloudflare’s Caching. It’s being worked on, but the team doesn’t have an exact ETA at this time due to some intra-teams dependencies for the fix.

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Er… I think you may have posted on the wrong thread.

No, I didn’t. There is a bug with caching, making all requests go to “origin”, making the initial response slower, especially for some regions.

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Oh really? Because when I have a look at the cf-cache-status header, it says “hit”. I guess that’s not true after all. Also, I’m using a custom domain with Cloudflare CDN. Is that still the same case?

That’s the exact bug. It says hit, but none of the actual Cloudflare settings, now Workers, run or apply on Pages subdomains. You can see the certificate it’s a Let’s Encrypt one and not the normal Cloudflare-issued one (or you custom one).

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