Cloudflare Pages Route matching problem

This is where the problem appears:
When I visit the html page like this, it will be automatically redirected to
However, after redirecting it returns a status code of 404.
I think the route matching only works when the html file has no sub-suffix like this: loading.html, and when it comes like loading.otp.html, test.2.html , the page after redirecting will return 404.
I’ll appreciate it if there’s any solution to this problem…
(btw, I’m not good in English, I think I expressed the problem I’ve met correctly :joy:)

Cloudflare Pages doesn’t seem to have an option to disable route matching. I’m searching a solution too.
I have intended to transfer to Cloudflare Workers because it has no route matching.

We did have a bug where it would incorrectly serve a 404 if the file name had a dot in it. This is now fixed. You will be able to have file names like loading.opt.html now

Can you tell me why you’re looking to disable route matching? All we do is look for if your HTML file exists and then serve it (without the extension)