Cloudflare Pages return 500 error when request to json file


I develop SSG pages on Cloudflare Pages by Gatsby(v3.0.3).
When I deployed them to Cloudflare Pages, generated json file return 500 error.

  • /page-data/app-data.json

This file is generated at build time(not generate dynamically).

I can’t understand why Cloudflare Pages return 500 error.
Does anyone know about this or encountered it?

Thank you.


I’m experiencing the same issue with an exported next.js application. 500 error occurs on the following files:

  • _next/static/css/cf45d32b46ae0cdbc69b.css
  • _next/static/chunks/3d0550e1.0a9df40964f45812aedb.js

Other files from both folders can be successfully fetched.


Now I can find no 500 errors on my Cloudflare Pages.

This was a know issue, it should have been fixed yesterday.

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