Cloudflare pages project limits

I am building a SAAS where our customers can build their pages and deploy it on a subomain of our main domain and they can cname map their domain to our subdomain

so with cloudflare pages can we have a project for each customer in a github repo and deploy unlimited number of projects , what we are going to deploy is just a static HTML. So if i have 10000 customers we can have 10000 repos connected to 10000 projects and each of the project will have all the static HTML pages of the customer.

Thanks again for your time.

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I have a similar case, not the same but close enough. Would be very useful to know if this is possible. It’d be great to know as well if in the case of just having a static site, no build, if deploying it counts as a build towards billing as well.

You’ve been waiting for 22 days for an answer though…

You might want to ask the devs on Cloudflare Discord. They may know the limits of Pages.


As far as I am aware, the only limit you may run into is if you add a large number of sites within a short timeframe, but if you read the documentation ( you can email [email protected] asking for that restriction to be removed :slight_smile:

Cloudflare will not respond to random domain names being requested. So while is a CNAME with a target of your Cloudflare hostname, Cloudflare knows nothing about, which a browser is going to request.

You will need to build an integration with Cloudflare for SaaS, which allows the vanity customer domain names, and provisions the certificate for SSL.

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