CloudFlare Pages Pricing

Hi, where can I find the pricing for the new CloudFlare Pages?

Also, should I be using Linc or everything will be moved to CloudFlare Pages in the near-future, now that they’ve bought the company?


Thanks for the answer, but it’s not clear if I’ll have to pay $20 / month for CloudFlare (normal account) and an additional $20 / month for CloudFlare Pages.

Cloudflare plans are per zone. Cloudflare Pages is per account, note that the product is not GA and pricing might change.

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Cloudflare Pages is free and under the limitations described here:

The pricing for paid Pages can be found here:
However, I am not too sure if this is final yet. These are the kind of limits you can probably expect to see though.

If you want to keep up to date on Pages and it’s pricing, I suggest you join the Discord:

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