[Cloudflare Pages] Preview Build for all Pull Requests

Hello folks!

Now the Preview Build will only be triggered by the one who owns the edit access of the repo when a PR opened, I’d like to know if it’s possible to do a Preview Build via Environment Variables or some other command while doing a custom build (triggered by GitHub Actions, etc)?

P.s. The Netlify service support this feature.

The ticket number I filed is ID #2209331 (Open the Preview Build feature to everyone who open the Pull Request.)

@MoreHelp #2209331
Hello team, please review my request or the ticket ID #2209331 to see if the team will improve or ignore this feature?

You can probably find some of the Cloudflare devs on Discord who know how this works:

Thanks to @sdayman, for your great reply, I’ve asked this question on our Discord channel before, no one know, then I asked the support for the further help… don’t send me to the looooop, please :wink:

Kindly head on the #page-help channel (Cloudflare Workers), and search from the users: lucheng#0001, thanks.

Sorry, you didn’t mention that.

Haha, no worries, just check this ticket out and pass to the product team to see if you will support this feature or not, thanks for the great support!