Cloudflare Pages not using domain's SSL settings

Hi there,

This happens on, is this a known issue?

Could you be more specific? What settings are not being respected?


It seems to affect all SSL settings:

  • Minimum TLS version
  • HSTS
  • HTTP to HTTPS redirects

What are your SSL settings?
I tested with my site and yours and for mine the minimum TLS version, HTTP to HTTPS, and HSTS are all present. HTST is probably because of _headers file though.

They’re not:
curl -I
This returns 200, without being redirected to https
curl -I -s | grep “strict-transport-security”
This has no output, which means the header isn’t added.

I have a minimum tls version of 1.2, and this doesn’t fail:
curl -I --tls-max 1.1

Sorry, that is what I meant. My website works fine and yours does not. Something I did notice it that it also going through HTTP/1.1.

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I fixed it by removing and re-adding the custom domain. Perhaps, this was caused due to me being an early tester of Cloudflare pages.