Cloudflare pages not reflecting latest changes

Hi I have Cloudflare page ‘’ and it is serving old data. I have tried everything e.g. clearing browser cache, using VPN, deploying again and again. The files served are older one. I have added comment ‘’ in index file of site, it’s not visible. Also javascripts files on domain are older one. I have printed the the JS file when Cloudflare build my page and it is showing correct output. But after build and deployment when I load the page it’s not reflecting. I am pretty sure that it’s an issue with Cloudflare.

The page has been deployed for around 6 months. It was working fine 5 days back.

It has been fixed now. Look like an intermittent issue or some degraded performance of Cloudflare internal change propagation.

It’s possible this was related to:

I’m glad to hear it’s working now.

No it’s not working instantly. It’s taking own leisure time :slight_smile:

Still not updating. There is still some issue in deployment. :frowning: