Cloudflare pages not deploying the newest commit changes from github

it worked 20 minutes ago and now there are new commits, but everytime i click retry deployment it takes the version from 20 minutes ago. any one know how to fix this?

Hmm… you’re using the Git Integration and not getting builds on every commit? It might have just taken a bit to pick it up, or you have those automatic deployments disabled.

In Your Pages Project, under Settings → Builds & Deployments, you have the option to pick your Production branch and if Automatic Production Branch Deployments based off commits are enabled.

At the bottom of the section, you also have “Deploy Hooks”, which seem to be what you were looking for. You can send a request to the generated URL to trigger a build on the latest commit of a specific branch. Retrying deployments will use the specific commit of that deployment/not any later.

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