Cloudflare Pages not compatible with Node modules

I am having an error when deploying a SvelteKit app that uses some Node.js packages in the server. I get this error in the logs:

The package “path” wasn’t found on the file system but is built into node. Are you trying to bundle for node? You can use “platform: ‘node’” to do that, which will remove this error.

So, where do I have to use “platform: 'node”" in my project??

That error is from esbuild and not something you’ll be able to do in Workers (and therefore Pages).

You will need to find a package that doesn’t use Node.js modules like path for compatibility with Pages, or ones that use the node: prefix for imports, and in which case you can use nodejs_compat with a bunch of Node.js modules: Node.js compatibility · Cloudflare Workers docs

Which package(s) are you trying to use? We might be able to suggest some alternatives.

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I am using the following npm packages: mongoose, bcrypt, jsonwebtoken and resend for emails.

With mongoose, I was making requests to the DB with no problem until I added bcrypt, which uses some node modules.

I’ve moved this website already to Vercel, but would prefer to have it in Cloudflare.

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