Cloudflare Pages Migration - Expected Downtime for Website?

Hi Cloudflare Team,

I recently transferred my domain to Cloudflare Registrar and then moved my hosting to Cloudflare Pages (static HTML). However, my website is currently down and I’m seeing a message to wait 48 hours. I’m concerned that this means my customers won’t be able to access my website at all during this period.

Could you please clarify what I can expect during this 48-hour window? Will my website be completely inaccessible to visitors, or is there something I can do to minimize downtime?

Thanks for your help and guidance.

If your website is currently inaccessible, it is probably due to a configuration error.

I would not expect waiting to change anything.

What is your domain, and what error do you see?

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The issue was indeed a configuration mistake. I was able to fix it by updating the site to point to the correct domain, which was a simple solution. I appreciate your help and I’m glad it’s now resolved.

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