Cloudflare Pages Logging Integration

I have a web app hosted on Cloudflare pages and I’m not finding any documentation addressing observability. Specifically, I’m looking for a way to view logs from the last X number of days. Ideally I could integrate with Datadog or New Relic. Any help is greatly appreciated.

There’s no first-party logging available today, though that is likely to change very very soon :eyes:

For now, I would recommend an integration via Pages Plugins, such as the Honeycomb or Sentry integration examples in the docs:

The code for these is available on GitHub too: GitHub - cloudflare/pages-plugins

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I managed to find the docs for Logs (, but unclear whether this is the right solution for application logs. I also found a blog post for New Relic integration ( But I’m still lacking any real help re: integrating logs with a Cloudflare pages application.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at these. Hope to see first-party logging soon along with docs on how to integrate with third parties!

It’s only for Enterprise accounts (whether it will trickle down, I dunno) but it does support New Relic. Maybe you can see from this whether it would cover your use case:

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