Cloudflare Pages - Issue on deploy to global network

Today, 12 May 2021 we cannot get this work.
Build is correct, but deploy in last step throw error:

XX:XX:XX.003 Failed: an internal error occurred

Ticket to cloudflare don’t suggest solution.

Status of endpoint is opperational.

This need to be investigate why this happen and what solution will be introduced

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I’m getting the same issue.

|21:11:32.843|Validating asset output directory|
|21:11:33.445|Deploying your site to Cloudflare's global network...|
|21:11:36.266|Failed: an internal error occurred|

Same issue here.

same issue for me, just native html setup

09:23:02.788	full: 362.887ms
09:23:03.056	  e[37mdist/e[0me[1mindex.jse[0m   e[36m71.9kbe[0m
09:23:03.056	  e[37mdist/e[0me[1mindex.csse[0m  e[36m12.8kbe[0m
09:23:03.056	⚡ e[32mDone in 678mse[0m
09:23:03.065	Finished
09:23:03.065	Validating asset output directory
09:23:03.500	Deploying your site to Cloudflare's global network...
09:23:08.081	Failed: an internal error occurred

This appears to be fixed now.

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