Cloudflare Pages Issue - HTTP ERROR 404


I occasionally need to create static websites on the WordPress platform for projects with a relatively short lifespan, typically a few months at most. Cloudflare Pages seems like an ideal tool for this. My first website using this method works perfectly. However, my second website, which I created in exactly the same way, is experiencing an HTTP ERROR 404.

Is there a way to determine what’s causing this issue? Could it be related to a specific plugin, or is it some hidden error? It’s quite frustrating because all I see is the HTTP ERROR 404, and I’m unable to perform any diagnostics. I would be very grateful for any advice or suggestions.

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If you’re accessing a directory (project root or subdirectory), is there an index.html file in the directory? Can you try to access a specific file/page in your project and let us know the result?

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Yes, there is an index.html file. I forgot to mention that I am using the “Simply Static” WordPress plugin to convert the WordPress format into a static website. Is there a way to analyze the index.html file to find out what is wrong with it? That would be very helpful.