Cloudflare pages is becoming slower each week

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Each week Cloudflare send an email with subject “Cloudflare Web Analytics” I have the website on Cloudflare pages for atleast 2 months so i have around 8 emails. I realise that each week the “Page load time” is increasing for all websites. I have made no changes websites are as they were when i publish to Cloudflare pages. The last analytics show “Page load time” almost double:

last email report: 3,310ms
previous email report: 1,960ms
previous email report: 1,190ms
previous email report: 940ms

Have anyone else notice these differences in the reports sent by Cloudflare? if yes what you think is happening? is Cloudflare overloading servers?


Any one else having this issue or have any one checked the weekly report to analyse this issue?

Is your visitor count also changing at a similar rate? Do you have a relatively low traffic site? Pages uses KV as its backing store which will get faster when more frequently accessed globally, meaning that less visitors would mean less speed, to a point.

Have you measured the speed from other sources also? These measurements by Web Analytics are based on your visitors browser and could fluctuate all over the place from any kind of factor on their own environment or network. It may be worth confirming these findings with an external application that measures the speed against your website.

I checked my own Web Analytics for my Pages sites and do not see anything like the same kind of trend.

Hi @Erisa

I check with gtmetrix and loading time is 6second previously it was 2.3 seconds. Nothing is changed on the website design, code or number of pages etc.The visitor count is more or less same 100-150 each week. but if it is going to slow down the website for low traffic it is not good.

DO you know if by upgrading to the pages pro it will improve the page loading speed?


It should not, but might if you use a custom domain and have users in regions deprioritised by free plan (Australia and Korea I think are two). This wouldn’t explain latency increase over time from the same location though.
You can get the details about how the KV backing store for Pages works here, including the way it uses caches to speed up frequent hits from similar locations:

As described in more detail in the link above, KV used a pull-based caching system which will “warm” up the cache more in more places based on how frequently the resource is accessed. This shouldn’t result in overly noticeable speed differences, but may mean that a request from an area that hasn’t been requested recently may pull from another global location causing a small latency increase.

This is a little odd. Unfortunately I’m not sure what to recommend to debug further if that is a concern since Pages is a managed product and there isn’t really much that can impact their performance aside from the aforementioned caching.

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