Cloudflare pages internal links

Hello I deployed my website to Pages by connecting to my github account. I noticed that internal links of images menus etc. still point to github.How can I change that ? I use publii to build my website and sync to github then to Cloudflare.

what do you mean by “still point to GitHub”? Like they point to a subdomain that you used in the past?

instead of links like this

<a href="">

you want links like this:

<a href="something/">

that would be what a link from the front page of your site to the /something/ directory would look like. For a page in a subdirectory linking to another subdirectory, you’d need to do like this:

<a href="../something/">

OR you could just do like this, which would work regardless of where the linking page on your site is:

<a href="/something/">

(although if someone downloads your site with wget, that type of link can be problematic for offline viewing so I try to avoid it)

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