[Cloudflare Pages] How to Delete Aliased Preview Deployments?


I would like to delete a branch created by dependabot, however the dashboard doesn’t allow me from deleting the preview deployment because it is assigned to an alias.

The deployment isn’t useful anymore, and the branch associated with the deployment is deleted, may I know how can I delete it?



I’m just now facing something similar to this (transitioning to live site instead of Pages). I had to delete the alias from the Custom Domains tab.

@sdayman Thanks for the reply.

The alias for custom domain (production) can be deleted, but I am trying to delete a preview deployment. Pages doesn’t seem to allow me to do this. (The alias is auto generated by Pages with the branch name)

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I am facing the same problem here, my github repo was using some not-so-good branch name, and created an auto deployment in Cloudflare Pages, then an alias was created under such <not-so-good>.<page-id>.pages.dev the Pages system is telling can only push new commits to the branch but cannot delete the only deployment under this branch,

Even I have deleted the branch from Github repo, but CF Pages doesn’t synchronize and would show the alias for-ever?

This is insane


I am also facing the same issue and hoping someone can provide a solution.

+1 ditto
API responds with “Cannot delete aliased deployment” for the last deployment of a (now old and deleted from the repo) branch

Thanks for the reports, made an internal ticket for the Pages team to investigate.


@azhao Thanks! Hope this will be fixed soon.

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What is the status of this investigation? :slight_smile: I’m still experiencing this issue.

Also unable to delete an accidentally created and unneeded preview deploy on account of it being aliased to <spurious-branch>.<myproject>.pages.dev.

+1 unable to delete a no longer needed alias preview deployment.