Cloudflare Pages high TTFB for ~2 Weeks

Hey guys,

I’m hosting 3 different projects on Cloudflare Pages. Over the last ~2 weeks I experienced

  • really high Time To First Bytes (like 5.9 seconds). Observed on multiple projects, even one which is only a single index.html file

  • extremely slow content downloads on some files (6.68 seconds for 665kB. fast .com tells me >100 Mbps), observed on statically exported Next.js apps.

Only thing I found related to this was issue #427 on GitHub cloudflare/next-on-pages. Is this some kind of known issue Cloudflare is working on, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help!

High TTFB Example:

Slow Downloads Example:


This post has lots of useful info about Cloudflare, caching, etc and how improve TTFB.

You may also read the article How to Improve TTFB on Cloudflare with Speculation Rules.

Speculation Rules is a new API in Chrome for prefetching/prerendering the page the user will likely visit next. The article is a long read, but should have all you need, incl. code example, to implement it on your website.