Cloudflare Pages Git LFS: File Size Limit?

I just signed up for Cloudflare Pages and was delighted to discover that Git LFS worked seamlessly out of the box…for all my smaller LFS files.

  • All my files smaller than 20MB (of which the largest is 17MB) are successfully deployed.
  • My files larger than 20MB are not deployed. There are two such files in my Git LFS: one is 25MB, the other is 26MB. In each case, links to those files on my website just do nothing when I click them.

I couldn’t find any documentation describing Git LFS support for Cloudflare Pages and the existence of a maximum file size. Is anyone able to explain what’s going on and/or point me to some docs?

I think I’ve stumbled upon the answer to my question: Limits · Cloudflare Pages docs

The maximum file size for a Cloudflare Pages site asset is 25mb.


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