Cloudflare Pages framework preset always defaults to Quik - likely bug

I have a static (plain HTML, CSS, JS) site that I’ve had deployed successfully for a few days using NPM and the Parcel 2 build tool, but now I’m having trouble with the path of a particular image that I’m referencing in my JS. Going into my settings for the site shows me that the framework preset is set to Quik despite never having set this myself - even worse, as soon as I set it back to a preset of None, save it and check it again, I find it’s silently reverted back to the Quik preset.

EDIT: It seems this only happens when I set the build directory to /dist, which is needed for Parcel and many other build tools, and doesn’t at all imply I need the Quik framework.

I can’t be sure yet whether Quik is responsible for my path issue, but I can’t know that for sure until I’m actually able to disable it, which I’m currently unable to. If this isn’t a bug it’s an absolutely terrible UX - either way I’d like some clarification from Cloudflare as to what’s going on here.

Today, the presets in the UI don’t actually do anything except give you a suggested “build command” and “build output directory”. So selecting any of these won’t impact the build image, any dependencies, or how your project is fundamentally built. If you select “Gatsby”, and then change the build command from gatsby build to nuxt generate for example, nothing about “Gatsby” actually matters here.

In the case of Qwik, the preset defaults to npm run build, so if your manually input build command is also set to this, it’s likely the UI is assuming you’ve selected Qwik, even though you haven’t.

I do agree that it’s not super intuitive what these framework presets do today, or how selecting one will impact (or not impact) your build. It won’t actually impact anything though once again, and is just weird UX.

As for your path issue, if you can share any more information there we can take a closer look!