Cloudflare Pages "Failed due to an internal error"

I heard back from Cloudflare Support: they say the issue is resolved, but didn’t provide any information about what the issue was or how it was resolved.

Hi there,

We appreciate your patience regarding this case.

Our Engineering team has notified us that this issue should now be resolved.

Can you please confirm on your end and let us know if you need further assistance?

Kind regards,

Technical Support Engineer | Cloudflare
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I encouraged the support team to weigh in on this thread so that we have clarity about what was going wrong, what was fixed, and whether any action is required on our parts to avoid this issue in the future.

@blas is probably still online and might know what was fixed. Keep in mind that it could be some super secret back-end coding they had to fix and can’t share the details.

Hi @michael94,

Just replied to your support ticket.

The behaviour you observed may have been the result of the asset optimization and compression feature that was recently disabled due to additional issues reported by other users.

A fix is in the works, and I can notify you once we get more feedback from our internal team.



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Fix for this should be in production now. Thank you for your patience!