Cloudflare Pages - Failed: an internal error occurred

Hi all,

I recently started the migration from Netifly to Cloudflare Pages. To organize things better, I moved the content into /public and changed the path in the settings accordingly. The deployment fails in the last step. Any thoughts on this?

12:22:04.787 Executing user command: exit 0
12:22:04.788 Finished
12:22:06.128 Compiled Worker successfully.
12:22:06.146 Validating asset output directory
12:22:12.872 Parsed 2 valid redirect rules.
12:22:06.631 Deploying your site to Cloudflare’s global network…
12:22:32.521 Failed: an internal error occurred


Could you please let me know what the deployment ID or your link is?

Thank you so much for your help. The deployment id is f5df84b2-795c-48eb-b125-0c310393092c

Check CF system status at


Your Function script is above the 1MB limit (after compression).