Cloudflare pages Failed: an internal error occurred

21:47:34.065	Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
21:49:49.457	Success: Finished initializing build environment
21:49:49.457	Cloning repository...
21:49:52.070	Failed: an internal error occurred

I’m getting this problem with cloudflare pages. it used to work few weeks ago and now it’s getting this.

I saw another thread with the same problem but it’s locked and cf staff said the problem is fixed in production.

apparently, the fix is still missing some edge cases.

I’m getting initialisation failures.

12:48:19.545	Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
13:18:20.180	Failed due to an internal error

I would suggest opening a support ticket, and posting here the ticket number. It is most definitely a new issue which they might not be aware of just yet.

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Same issue for all newly created pages (react).

my ticket is 2171218 . it’'s being escalated to engineering team

I’ve been waiting on this same error to be fixed for nearly two weeks. (Ticket 2171732)

For me, the Github repository holds a static site.

Try a rebuild every day. No dice.

If the engineering support given to this product cannot make the most basic of basic work (nor be fixed within nearly two weeks)… that has thrown off my confidence in Pages. Most likely going to move over to Digital Ocean for similar service (which is not ideal, I’d rather stay with Cloudflare, but this looks to be too beta still).

SOLVED (for me at least):
In case this helps anyone else.

One of the file names was too long. A static generator error had a file name that was the full body of the HTML file. Once that was shortened to less than 100 chars, the error went away.

It would be -ideal- (required really) if Cloudflare Page’s UI would show more verbose error messages. But the support team replied and told me the problem, so it is now fixed.

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