[Cloudflare Pages] Failed: an internal error occurred. (Deploying NuxtJS v3)

Hi, I am trying to deploy a NuxtJS version 3 website via Cloudflare Pages. However, it failed at the last step, saying : Failed: an internal error occurred.

I read some threads about this topic and already checked my build setting which is in my opinion, it is correct…

Here is the build setting :


The reason I set the Build output directory to .output is that the command yarn build generates .output directory (https://v3.nuxtjs.org/getting-started/commands/#building-for-production).

However, the entrypoint is .output/server/index.mjs.

Thank you.

So, from a quick look at the docs (note: I am not experienced with Nuxt) it seems to generate 2 directories inside .output. These 2 directories seem to be the “application” (your website) and “server” (a NodeJS / other server to serve your site)

Could you try to change your output to .output/application. Otherwise, could you run the command locally and have a look inside the .output folder to find where the HTML/CSS/JS/static files are.

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