Cloudflare Pages Error - error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=260 "The file doesn’t exist."

I’m getting an error on my build: error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=260 "The file doesn’t exist.". My build command is ls && echo "TEST" with framework preset set to none. Any ideas why?

Cloudflare is probably looking for a file to display and it does not sound like there are any files.

After further investigation I’m pretty confident this is an internal Cloudflare issue…

Err that sounds weird. Is your repo open source and if so, could you share it?

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Sadly it’s a private repo :slightly_frowning_face:

My guess is some package is trying to download/install. Are you on a mac? From what I can tell NSCocoaErrorDomain only seems to appear for Apple related things.

I’d need to checkout the repo though to really see why. You could try and fire up a standard Debian/Ubuntu Docker image and try to install your packages there. See if the error persists

You maybe should look at making sure your version for node, PHP or what you use is matching what you expect. The variables for that can be found here:

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@MoreHelp Ticket Number: 2331839

Hi @fishcharlie did you follow this suggestion from Support from 12/18?

We recommend visiting the Cloudflare Workers Discord and going to the #pages-help channel for a faster response. Please share the URL of the project you're having issues with (i.e., so the Pages team and other users can help assist there.

@cloonan Yes. @WalshyMVP was able to escalate it to the Cloudflare Engineering team, although I have yet to hear back from anyone regarding it yet, so it is still an open issue.


Thank you, I don’t see the escalation by @WalshyMVP but i do see your ticket 2331839 and the Support reply from 12/18. The system auto closed that ticket with the request that you post the question to the team here,

The escalation is in Discord, there’s a little bit of a backlog right now. UK people are back tomorrow so it should be seen shortly.

Message for ref: Discord

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perfect, thank you!. @fishcharlie keep an eye out on the link @WalshyMVP shared

@cloonan Says Messages failed to load. Maybe I don’t have permissions to access the channel or something?

Did you already sign up for the Discord server?

@sdayman Yes

Hey sorry, that is a private channel for us mods to do escalations. I’ll make sure to let you know when I have an answer though @fishcharlie


Couple months later with no updates. Any progress on fixing this?