Hi all!

I am using Cloudflare as my DNS Nameservers provider and have hosted my static website on Cloudflare pages. All is working good on that front.

However, I have observed that on adding my domain to the site, it is not accessible behind certain corporate proxies.

The site URL provided by Cloudflare is
The site URL via my domain is

The observation I have is as follows:

  • Both URLs are accessible from the general public internet
  • Behind a corporate proxy, the site via is NOT accessible. The error I see is ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED
  • Behind a corporate proxy, the site via is accessible

I cannot control the proxy, but I find it hard to believe that every new blog site across the entire internet would need to be manually reviewed to be allowlisted, thus I was wondering what the possible causes could be for this behaviour?

Some light reading leads me to believe it’s due to the SSL certificate associated with my domain (I am currently using the Universal SSL certificate issued for free by Cloudflare).

Is this the case? If not, what could it be? What are any possible solutions to access my site via my domain

Can you check the proxy logs to see if it was blocked there? I know when sites are block at my company it can appear with this error message.

I cannot access those logs. I’ve observed that other blogs and .dev websites are accessible though

The site loads for me, and I used GeoPeeker to see that it loads around the world.
It could be something like the proxy blocks new sites or domains, but without those logs it is impossible to say.

I see that makes sense. Thank you!

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