Cloudflare Pages Domain "stuck"

During the November 2nd Cloudflare update I happened to be adding a new domain to Cloudflare and adding a new Pages application. Something happened during that time where my domain is now “stuck.”

I added the custom domain ( but it never appeared and never resolved. I also added - that DID appear and DID resolve. I want to delete the pages project to try and reboot it so that will resolve, but even when the “Custom Domains” page is blank in the project I get this error: “To delete your project, you must first delete all custom domains associated with your project. (Code: 8000028)” I checked via the API as well and no custom domains are listed.

Support has been slow in getting back to me and my root domain (, not is still unusable because Pages thinks it’s linked up but it’s really not. I either want to delete the project and start over (which it won’t let me do) or add the root domain as a custom domain to the Pages project, which it also won’t let me do. :melting_face:

Hi @jimmy17,

Can you post the Support ticket?

Thank you.

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@oshariff #3014655, thank you!!

Hello @jimmy17,

You have received a feedback from the team on the ticket #3014655.

You should reply , so we can investigate further on this.


@oshariff @hafida any update on this? I haven’t heard anything back on my support ticket yet and I still can’t use my domain :sob:


This should be resolved… what’s the domain?

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Hi @WalshyMVP,

The domain is:

Thank you.

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Hi @WalshyMVP, any update on this? Thanks!

Ah nevermind!! I just tried again and it worked this time. Thank you thank you thank you!

@oshariff when you get a chance can you please follow up via email about the refund request? Thank you!

Hey yep, we just fixed this earlier today, comms should be on the ticket shortly.

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Awesome, thank you!

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