Cloudflare pages doesn't seem to support www subdomain in dns

I have a cloudflare page:

I have setup custom domain for the above page and the root link opens fine(root link given below):
But the www subdomain link doesn’t work

I have pinged to and it does return an ip, but I still can’t access the link through my browser

I have added the www subdomain entry in the cloudflare dns as stated in this doc


Well , I am using cloudflare pages, so I am not sure I could do something like that, I don’t have access to the server( it’s handled by cloudflare itself).
I tried replacing the cname record with Type A and IP, but doesn’t seem to help.

I have setup my dns config according to this cloudflare doc, so I don’t think I might be doing something wrong

I raised a service request, because I think this might be a bug in cloudflare pages itself, as this product was released as GA 5 day ago

Anyways Thanks for trying to help out

You should have two domain names listed under custom domains options to make it working.
Something like this:

Thanks to [email protected] for suggesting this.

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