Cloudflare Pages + DNS website extreamly slow and 522 error website suffers from extremely slow loading times. The domain is registered in Cloudflare and the static site is deployed in Cloudflare Pages. When you navigate to a specific path you sometimes get a 522 error blaming the server for the incomplete handshake. TLS, HTTPS, Opportunistic Encryption is enabled and the encryption mode is set to Full without HSTS. What should I do?

I’m really new to Cloudflare, but I have a hard time seeing that Pages itself could be this slow. It seems like the slowness might be caused by the resource cdn-cgi/apps/head/_34LNiSYUIDY8F9HoNj7sSPG7Js.js. That URL appears to be a bit special, so stupid question: Would that be an app from Cloudflare Apps?

Hey, the 522 should only happen for a little while when the DNS is propagating. It definitely should not be happening on specific routes.

Can you reproduce and send a URL?

The site is loading quick and functioning correctly for me. I see some assets which are taking a while but this is not related to Pages.
For reference:

Before I posted the topic the /about route was leading to a 522 error and upon refreshing a very long loading time. I live in Athens and the site is cached and served from Athens. Furthermore the Cloudflare status page isn’t indicating anything wrong with the datacenter here. Could it be because of high traffic in Greece?

here is a video of the website taking really long to load

Looking at GTMetix (result: Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix)

The entire wait time for your site comes from a Cloudflare App that you have installed -

Apps didn’t used to run over Pages, I’m not sure if this is a recent addition or what. I’ve sent a message to get clarification.

Either way, go to your Apps section and disable what is currently enabled. It seems to be doing way more harm than good currently.

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The issue seams to be fixed now. I didn’t remember having installed such an app! Anyway, thanks a lot for your help!

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