Cloudflare Pages - DNS management apex custom domain on other cloudflare account possible?

To add an apex custom domain to Cloudflare Pages, I receive the message that the DNS management of this domain must be moved to Cloudflare. Does this have to be in my own account or is this also allowed in another account at Cloudflare?


You can use the apex on another Cloudflare account, the UI will block it today (as most providers don’t support CNAME flattening) but you can use the API or a tool like Terraform

Okay so if I understand correctly I need to use the Cloudflare API or Terraform to add a custom domain to the Cloudflare Pages application?

If the UI blocks it (which in this very specific case, it does). The reason it does is just because most DNS providers don’t support CNAME flattening so adding an apex doesn’t work

If you added then the UI would work fine but because we see it’s an apex and not on Cloudflare (at least, your account) then that’s why.

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