Cloudflare Pages Direct Deployments. REST API

I’m looking for Direct Deployment API. Documentation describes Wrangler and UI based uploads but there is no reference for API.

The API is not documented outside of being implemented in the dashboard and Wrangler.


So the API is stable and I can relay on it?
Is it possible to upload only changed files (like ?

ok, /pages/assets/check-missing looks like API do what I need.

No. Otherwise it would be documented.


@KianNH @WalshyMVP
OK. Here we go on on ice, so I’m asking for private opinion (with understanding that no guaranties can be given now)

  • How stable the solution is? Will it be redesign completely or it servers its purpose well for now?
  • Are you interested in feedback (well amount of nagging will be good measurement :slight_smile: )?
    My case: custom private static generator for specific format for mid size web page (~3GB tests + small amount of images) with integrated direct netlify deployment*.
    I want to add new deployment target - Cloudflare Pages.
  • Fast and dirty netify deployer

Are you interested in feedback

I mean does Cloudflare interested in feedback, is there some beta report email\subscription for devs?

We may change it at any time and it’ll be without warning.

Always but we will not provide support for undocumented endpoints. You can submit it on Discord or you can email me [email protected]

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