Cloudflare pages deployments


Could someone advise or refer to related documentation on available techniques to Cloudflare Pages deployments. I wrote some apps, mostly Golang, which would like to deploy.


  • Can the Golang app be deployed if it listens on some port (:8080 or etc.) as it hangs up with no logs so I am unable to debug what’s wrong. On the other hand, previously deployed some node apps and was surprised how quick and easy it went.

  • Maybe different methods would be easier for deployments and worth rewriting. For future cost-effectiveness.

With Backend I am alright, but frontend dev is a new field for me, so any recommendations/advice would help.


Pages is for static sites. What you’re doing right now is starting a web server, this isn’t how Pages works. In the end you should have HTML, CSS and JS files, these are the files served by CF on edge. You can build them files or just provide them right away. If your Go app isn’t doing any “backend” work then you can just remove that part and provide the website files.

For running a web server, you’d need a server (Like a VPS). You can also go another way and use Workers however, you can’t use Golang on there yet. So, you’d need to use JS, Rust or another such language.

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Crystal clear, cheers. So this is the case that those apps mostly interacting with servers/clients, so I am trying to move more resources to Cloudflare as it evolves. I’ll go with workers. Thank you for your response all makes sense now.

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