Cloudflare Pages deployment stuck

After the build succeeds, deployment freezes in the “deploying to cloudflare global network” step

It’s been like this for hours, for all my current and previous deployments.

Already tried clearing build cache.

Hey, got a deployment ID or the

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Sure, here are some deployment ids:

  • c821d9c8-652e-498f-b8c3-ee0be9ba17db
  • 9bae473b-415a-4cee-8390-125081b91c70

This has been solved and the issue was that in my wrangler.toml I had a duplicated service binding:

binding = “BINDING_NAME” # name of the binding in env

that was present twice in the file. Seems like I can’t define service bindings more than once…

The error message below did not appear until I tried deployment many times. I don’t know why, but eventually it said:

Error: Failed to publish your Function. Got error: the binding name ‘BINDING_NAME’ cannot be used more than once

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