Cloudflare Pages deployment - internal error when cloning repository

I’m trying to get my first site deployed to Cloudflare Pages, with a Nuxt.js repository hosted on GitHub - getting an internal error during cloning of repository. There seems to be a few similar errors reported a few months back in this community, but nothing recent. Anyone has ideas on how to troubleshoot?

00:39:41.827	Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete
00:41:57.642	Success: Finished initializing build environment
00:41:57.642	Cloning repository...
00:41:59.288	Failed: an internal error occurred

I have tested various changes with my Pages/repository configuration, to no avail - still fails with internal error per previous error message. I just deployed a simple hello world from same GitHub account, all good. I am at a loss as to what I can do next to fix this problem.

Below is my file structure of the repository I am trying to deploy/clone - anything in there stands out as wrong or problematic?

2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          .
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          ..
2021-11-30  22:19               220 .editorconfig
2021-11-30  22:19             1 376 .gitignore
2021-11-30  22:19                36 .npmrc
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          assets
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          components
2021-11-30  22:19               221 jsconfig.json
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          layouts
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          libraries
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          modules
2021-11-30  22:19             5 402 nuxt.config.js
2021-11-30  22:19             1 035 package.json
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          pages
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          plugins
2021-11-30  22:19             2 858
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          static
2021-11-30  22:19    <DIR>          store
2021-11-30  22:19               337 terminal_setup.bat

I moved all the files to another newly created repository, without making any changes - and now the repo cloning works! The only explanation I can think of is that I have renamed this repository a while back during development, prior to configuring the Pages project - is it possible a rename of a GitHub repository may cause problems in this setup? In any case, I am good now and it seems I will be able to make progress from here! :slight_smile: