Cloudflare Pages - dedicated link for reviewing non-production branches?

So far I am really enjoying Cloudflare Pages.

I am excited about the ability to preview pull requests in non-production branches. The default workflow creates a unique link for every pull request. This is cool, but it means that I need to communicate this unique link to everyone who I would like to preview the website. Would it be possible to have a fixed address instead? For example: ? (Basically a 2nd custom URL I can set up in DNS, that routes to the most recent non-production build.)

The context for this request is that I have a lot of contractors who are helping me to develop my website. I am trying to build a workflow where:

  • non-technical folks on my team can preview these pull requests without using Git or building the site locally
  • I don’t need to give the contractors access to Cloudflare
  • I don’t need to give the reviewers a unique link every time we review the website changes

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

learning out loud to leave breadcrumbs for others.

i received some help from Erisa on Discord:

By default it creates for non-production branches

still haven’t figured out the CNAME configuration, but perhaps i just need to be patient with the DNS…