Cloudflare pages custom domain stuck verifying

I’ve got a Cloudflare pages site setup, which has been using a * domain.

i’m trying to add a custom domain. the domain’s nameservers are already correctly pointed at Cloudflare, so that Cloudflare should be managing the DNS.

I added the custom domain under the pages dashboard area, but it’s stuck “verifying” for 24 hours or so. i tried deleting it and re-adding it, but it never seems to resolve.

i would have thought since CF was managing the DNS, it could just sort all this out for me. i have a lot of experience using netlify, and it always seems to be able to sort out custom domains, SSL certs, etc. within a few minutes.

am i doing something wrong? what steps could i take to troubleshoot or give more information that would shed light on the issue?

when i click on the “verifying” line under pages → (my site) → custom domains, it says “Log into your DNS provider” and tells me to add a CNAME, but the Name field is blank. also, i thought CF was my DNS provider, so I’m not sure why it’s asking me to do this.

definitely confused. would really appreciate any help. thanks!

have been hearing lots of good things about Cloudflare, and really wanted to try it out for a new product i’m launching, but to get so stuck on something super simple and not to get any help on the forum is pretty discouraging. so I’m giving up and heading back to netlify, where at least I know i can get a custom domain working. :confused:

Sorry to see you go. I had this happen, but it was because I already had that hostname set up with a Worker on it. Without knowing your domain name or FQDN, there’s not much else we can suggest.

i didn’t realize that knowing my FDQN would have helped, would have been glad to have posted that too. i had nothing else set up and no worker.

For anyone else who comes across this situation:

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appreciate the replies, thanks for taking time.

just for feedback sake, it’s too bad that i waited 4 days with no input, and then got the first useful piece of feedback only when i said i’m bailing and giving up, and had already started the process of migrating to netlify. if someone had said, “hey give us your FQDN, that would help, and do you have any workers set up?” – i would have replied right away and been thankful for the input. the whole experience let me feeling like i couldn’t be confident of getting help with CF. i understand i’m currently only using the free tier, but i was doing so in expectation of moving to paid products. and i have posted many times on netlify forums and have always gotten some sort of useful help there.

i know managing a complex set of products is hard, and community forums get tons of low-quality posts, so i appreciate the fact that this is a hard task. wish you guys the best and i very well may try again at some later date.

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