Cloudflare Pages custom domain not verifying

I have configured my Cloudflare pages website to use the custom domain, but Cloudflare seems stuck on verifying the domain. It does not seem to get verified and I do not understand why. The nameservers seem to be configured correctly at the registrar, because my MX records are working. Just the CNAME record cannot be verified for over a week. Maybe it has something to do with the domain being proxied through Cloudflare to AWS on a different Cloudflare account before. I have checked the configuration of this Cloudflare Pages website against similar websites that I run on Cloudflare Pages, but I do not see any difference. I would like to become available on

Can you post a screenshot of

You need to enable DNSSEC - and also verify that the values Cloudflare will provide actually match what you configured at your registrar.

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Thanks. That fixed it immediately.

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