CLoudflare Pages CICD is broken (how to report?) (fixed)

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Update: (From me, next day) Short answer to the real question “how to report” is : report it here, in (be specific, be friendly, gives examples, don’t give personal information and make sure code examples do not include passwords etc.) If issue is critical, and you have a business account, use the dashboard, see “support” in the dashboard. if no business account, then report here.

Cloudflare Pages is currently broken. Committing a change to my repo triggers a build, that normally takes around 20s to build and another 10 or so seconds to deploy. Now it just hangs after the build “completes”, hanging at the deploying stage.

NB! This isn’t just a dashboard hanging; I’ve triple checked, the deployment ACTUALLY DID NOT HAPPEN. All my deployments are versioned, and I’m not seeing any updates. Basically CICD for cloudflare PAges is not working/faulty.

Plus, there’s nothing showing up on Cloudflare status; so it’s not a case of, just wait, they’re working on this, it will be resolved soon; I have to report it otherwise I can’t see how it will be investigated.

I have a paid (pro) workers account, and a few hundred domains with cloudflare, but cannot report this anywhere to anyone; that I know of?

There’s apparently no way to create support tickets to let cloudflare know that some critical infrastructure is broken.

Any ideas anyone? txs, A

(Screenshot below showing a build that typically takes 20 to 30 seconds, hanging after more than 25 minutes.) Cancel build button does nothing as well.

Also…for the record, I have a paid account, not a free account.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 19.08.32

update :

Hey there,

Thank you for reporting the issue with deploying to Cloudflare Pages. However, I was unable to reproduce this issue on my own deployment using Cloudflare Pages. Have you tried pushing a new build and redeploying to see if that fixes the issue you are experiencing?

Hi @micky

Thank you for investigating. re: Did you Yes I did try that before I reported the issue here. Pushing a new build just queues up another build, and now there are two builds that are hanging. (see screenshot) Neither of which have actually deployed.

I can’t “redeploy” ; since the hanging build has only 2 options, delete, and cancel. I was unable to “cancel”; and when I deleted it, you can’t “redeploy” since it’s gone. I did commit a “comment change” to repo/git, triggering a new fresh build and that hangs as well. (I assume this is basically the same as what you were asking.)

So, yes, for all intents and purposes, I did that 2 hours ago, and that hangs as well. (see screenshot)


Got a deployment ID we can ask the team to check?

The Pages deployment ID is a unique build identifier.
It’s the UUID in the browser bar (for example, a URL would be where the deployment ID looks something like a398d794-7322-4c97-96d9-40b5140a8d9b).
This ID can help troubleshoot some issues with Pages builds so if you have a failing build make sure you grab that ID for the team to use.


@WalshyMVP sure;
I’ll be happy to share that privately with an official cloudflare support employee. If you know someone, please ask them to DM me, much appreciated! +cc @micky

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Deployment ID is literally just a UUID, it provides no information to anyone external and is only useful to employees

Either way, I’ve asked Micky to DM you.


I sent you the DM! @goblinfactory


Apologies for the issue, can you try again now? We found an issue causing this

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@Walshy @WalshyMVP
I deleted the two hanging builds this morning and submitted two more, and both builds are hanging at the deployment stage. Same symptoms; build log says build completes and hangs at deploying.
I also manually verified that the deployment had not happened.

this is from this morning 10:20am (still not fixed.)

@WalshyMVP @Walshy
The builds were still hanging. So I deleted the builds in the dashboard, and ran a build locally, and used wrangler to deploy (direct upload).
The deploy command ran without error,

✨ Compiled Worker successfully
🌍  Uploading... (27/27)

✨ Success! Uploaded 0 files (27 already uploaded) (0.46 sec)

✨ Uploading Functions bundle
✨ Deployment complete! Take a peek over at https://11d8dce7

However, the site was NOT deployed.
Now when I go to dashboard i see the build “queued” waiting for other builds to complete.

Clicking the resulting (here is your stuff) link half an hour later goes to a page, “Nothing to see here yet”.

It looks like this is not a build issue; this looks like a deployment issue.
Of course this still means that CICD is broken.
Committing code runs a build, the build completes but never gets deployed.
In this “hanging state” I cannot access any build logs.

@Walshy can you please update the cloudflarestatus to show the issue as ongoing and not resolved.

The status incorrectly gives the impression it was something trivial and was fixed within a few minutes, wheras the reality is that it’s still broken has been broken for more than 18 hours, affecting many production websites on paid services.

For prosperity,

This issue did indeed continue after we thought we had fixed it. Thank you @goblinfactory for making us aware.
The issue was a missing environment option in service bindings within wrangler.toml. This is supposed to be an optional parameter but if missing caused deployments to hang. The team is working on fixing the optionality and ensuring deployments do not hang.

Apologies for the issue!

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