Cloudflare Pages: Can't set a custom domain

Hi, I’d like to set a custom domain for a Cloudflare page (already linked to Github. No matter what domain I type, I own on Cloudflare or not, the Continue button remains grey.

Any help? Thanks


The same is happening with me too. It is not let me add the custom domain. Looks like some bug hit the functionality

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I am seeing the same issue. Tagging this with #CloudflarePages so hopefully it surfaces there as well.

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Hey, this is a known issue and the team is aware. This should be resolved soon :slight_smile:

Will keep you all updated!


Will appreciate a timely resolution. I wanted to change the domain hence removed the existing domains. Resulting in no domain at all. :slight_smile:

I’m running into the same issue. Are there any updates or estimates on when this will be resolved?

No updates as of yet, unfortunately, the Austin team will be starting work very shortly and this will be their first job. So, hopefully, we see it fixed within the next 2 hours!


Same here, hopefully it gets fixed soon!

Same issue here!

Same issue here; glad to hear that the team is prioritizing a fix


Same thing for me too, cant add a custom domain. Cool to see how fast you guys react tho!

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Really :slight_smile: I believe this was production defect. It should not be here first place.

A fix is rolling out, you should now be able to add a custom domain again. If you’re still seeing the problem, please wait a little for the fix to roll out.

Feel free to let me (or other community champs) know in Discord if the issue is not resolved in an hour or two.

Issues are never fun :frowning:


I’m still having the issue across multiple domains/accounts.

Update: I confirm it’s working now. You have to hard-refresh the page or log out & log in again.

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