Cloudflare Pages can't associate with a domain


We’re moving away from Azure CDN to pages - so far everything’s been wayy better.

One issue though:

Got a Cloudflare Pages site up and running - all works fine on the domain:

Tried to associate our apex domain to it and it’s stuck on verifying:

Been like this for a week now.

We use Cloudflare everywhere on this domain, nameservers, load balancers (on a subdomain), the lot.

Tried it with another domain we have and it all works fine ( , so I think there must be something up with the - any tips?

The docs say if I try to do the DNS manually it won’t work - it has to be done through Pages.

Any help appreciated,



Seems a very easy thing to try, but… have you tried deleting it and recreating the domain association?

I’ll admit I hadn’t - the big scary warnings put me off :joy:

Just tried now, I’ll see if it updates.

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What’s my next step after that?

I’d expect verification to be quite quick as Cloudflare handle our DNS. Global propagation of the record could take 48hours but Cloudflare can confirm before then, right?

Just get the feeling this isn’t fixed yet!

Tested it out with another domain (got a few spare!) and it validated instantly:

So I think something’s up with the here - any ideas how I can debug this?

I bet it’s because Azure still have a certificate set up for the apex domain for their CDN, even though it’s expired:


Looks like we’re unable to validate the hostname because of a redirect:

$ curl -I

HTTP/2 301
date: Mon, 01 Aug 2022 12:09:42 GMT


Thanks for the deply.

ah this is the letsencrypt site extension we use for the subdomain SSL validation on the app subdomain. I’ve changed the page rule to only act on subdomains so the apex should validate now.

I’ll probably have to add a special case for the www redirect too

Am I best deleting and retrying or just waiting for it?

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Looks like it is now valid on my end :slight_smile:

ahh yes, you beautiful humans!

Thanks everyone, appreciate your swift responses. Such a nice experience compared to Azure lately!

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