Cloudflare pages cannot setup custom domain

Dear community,

I use cloudflare pages for some of my projects and domains.

For one specific domain, I cannot use it as a custom pages domain (anymore).
I keep receiving the error: Inactive (Error)

I’ve tried deleting and readding the cloudflare pages project and after a few tries and changes I even dropped the complete domain and zone and re-registered it. The problem persists.

Any ideas on how I could solve this?

Best regards,


What’s the domain?

Also note, you might be rate limited now

I received the error right away, but I see how I might have worsened it.
I’d really appreciate your help.

The domain is


Your account has a problem with it, you will need to contact Billing to get this resolved. Please open a Billing ticket here:

That’s interesting, will do.
Thank you for your help, much appreciated!

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