Cloudflare Pages cannot set custom domain

Cloudflare Pages custom domain( is always Inactive(Error). My domain( have been hosted in Cloudflare and I have checked the CNAME DNS record and it is fine. I wonder why the CF Pages custom domain cannot work.

When I access that custom domain page, it reveals ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error in Google Chrome.

Hello! Is an orange-clouded (a.k.a. proxied) domain? If that domain is on “DNS only” - then that might prevent you from adding it as a custom domain to Pages.


The is not a proxied by Cloudflare domain. I deployed this site in Vercel and they recommend to use the DNS only (without proxied). After I delete this vercel CNAME record, the Pages can set the custom domain normally.

Thanks for your reply!

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